Healthy Living Santary Pad 320mm (Night Use / Heavy Flow)

Healthy Living Santary Pad 320mm (Night Use / Heavy Flow)


  • Healthy Living Sanitary Pads for 320mm with Anions and Magnetic Energy are designed for wellness during periods. Magnetic Strip provides 3 natural energies (magnetism, anion and far infrared) that greatly enhance blood circulation, cell vitality, detoxification during the period, bio-enzymes in the vagina, resistance to bacteria and immunity against any infection. It prevents many women problems. It’s FIR (Far Infra Red) technology helps you deal with the side-effects of menstrual cycles that keep the ladies away from their work and personal commitments so that they remain active. Fatigue, hormonal imbalance and lower metabolism during the cycles can distract the ladies from achieving ordinary and extraordinary things. Not anymore, These Sanitary Napkins help the ladies not to back down from work.
  • The Sanitary Pad is long enough with wing to prevent Leakage

About this item

  • Increase in metabolism and reduces pain, menstrual cramps and odour
  • They absorb the liquids easily, permits air flow and are safe to use
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory these napkins take charge of your personal hygiene
  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Magnetic energy anion is a boon for women that will keep them happy and active while on menses. With ultra-soft padding, super absorbent and anti-bacterial properties these sanitary napkins regulate the cycle

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